Sunday, December 04, 2011

Appreciating Japanese Culture…

Not long after boarding the flight to Tokyo, I was reminded of some of the things I really admire about Japan.

This was further reinforced when I got to the airport.

I love

  • the deep respect for others (as symbolized by bowing and frequent statements of gratitude)
  • the cleanliness
  • the punctuality (even the buses at the airport-traffic notwithstanding, were right on time)
  • the dignity of each job. You can tell that even the guy taking bags off the carousel has a deep appreciation for the role he plays…and takes pride in it.

A lot to learn, particularly from a country that is struggling to find itself in this new era of globalization and dealing with the challenges of an aging population. Kind of like a sneak preview of the US in 20 years…potentially.

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