Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Culture Clash…

Was invited to a meeting at a government contractor’s office that does security-clearance level work.

When I got there, the receptionist said, “You will have to leave your cell phone here, since we don’t allow cameras in the office.”

Also, any other devices you have that can capture or record data.”

“Like a USB thumb drive?” I asked.


I looked through my bag.

  1. cell phone
  2. iPod Touch
  3. Netbook laptop
  4. Flipcam
  5. 3 USB thumb drives
  6. 2 SD RAM cards

Finally, I just said, “you know what? Take the bag.”

All I took into the meeting was a pad of paper and a pen.

In the middle of the meeting, I looked around the room and noticed that there were no clocks.

I haven’t worn a watch since 1999, since I always have a device with me with the time.

The meter was running (literally, I had parked in front) and the NFO expected me home.

I had to actually interrupt the meeting to ask my prospective client what time it was!

I laughed, “I wonder if our cultures are just too different!”

It was like visiting another world.

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