Sunday, January 07, 2018

Gratitude Journal- Day 46: Network Collaborators

It sounds like I am organizing a revolution of some kind, but today I am grateful for all of the people who give of their time and energy to help me become a better professional.

Every day, there are multiple people who provide introductions to people in their network, offer feedback on my blog posts or articles, or suggest new ways for me to add value.

There is no way I could list all of them here, but recently people like Josef Katz, Jason Schwartz, Joe Jaffe and others (I guess the name must start with "J"?) have all done it, but there are countless others.

Abe Pachikara reads all my stuff and is an amazing source of inspiration and refinement as well.

My brothers are fantastic in this respect too.

Today, I am grateful for the people who give their time and energy to help me become better as a crypto/blockchain marketer.
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