Sunday, September 10, 2017

Equifax, your personal information, and blockchains

I'm pretty fired up about the Equifax breach on multiple levels.

The breach itself and the fact that 143mm Americans are now vulnerable.

The criminal behavior of the C-level execs who sold two days after the breach was discovered. They claim they didn't know. Either they are grossly incompetent or liars.

The Silver Lining....

Maybe, just maybe, now that people have been violated on such a personal level, this will end the domination of centralized systems of personal and valuable information.

We need blockchain-based systems like uPort, Meta Mask, Blockstack, Civic, and others to become more widely accepted and used.

We need tools like Rivet to secure our phones.

How many more of these will we have to suffer?

It will happen...only a matter of time. But frustrating until it gets here.

If you REALLY want to get deep on this follow Dan Jeffries on Twitter. He thinks about this a lot.

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