Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Random Thoughts on US Foreign Policy...

Was just thinking about US Foreign Policy and wondering if some of the assumptions underlying it no longer hold.

Given the realities of the world, some things came to mind that I thought might be worth re-opening. Just putting them out there for debate/discussion.

  • Does NATO really matter anymore? I mean, the Soviets were defeated.
  • Should we continue to maintain military bases in places like Germany or move them to lower cost, more strategic places (that might have us) in, say, eastern Europe?
  • S. Korea...maybe it's time to say, "ok, you want us to defend you from N. Korea? Fine. Here's the annual bill. Pay up."
  • Same thing for Taiwan. Frankly, given my recent trip to China, I'm starting to be skeptical that China would actually attack Taiwan. I could be wrong about that one.
  • Aid to the Egypt and Israel
  • Bases in Japan/Okinawa
  • I'd throw in the whole UN experiment, but I know that's a non-starter
  • embargo on Cuba. I mean, except for a bunch of people in S. Florida, no one really cares and no one thinks of them as a threat anymore, right?
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