Sunday, October 02, 2011

Paranoia, Anxiety, and the Day to Day…

One of the business books which has most informed my thinking is Andy Grove’s “Only the Paranoid Survive.”

I think it needs a sequel. Something like “how to make it every day when you are paranoid.” Winking smile

You see, I’m in the midst of 3 big projects right now…all of which have HUGE innovation components. That is, I’m deliberately trying out some new things.

It’s ridiculously exciting, but since there’s a real chance that any or all of them could fail and that could make my clients dissatisfied, there’s anxiety.

But, my paranoia about failing to innovate and staying fresh, relevant, and hungry goes beyond all of that so I gladly and willingly do it.

Getting comfortable with being out of your comfort zone…that’s the trick. I don’t have all the answers though.

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