Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Pervasive Technology...A Day in the Life

Every so often, I have a day that is just so immersed in modern technology that I have to capture it. Now, as you obviously know, I'm a huge technophile, so I believe this type of experience is generally a good thing.

After we got the kids out the door in the morning...

  1. did a workout on the Xbox Kinect game "Your Shape, Fitness Evolved"
  2. Scanned over the daily news on the iPad
  3. Drove to the dentist, made some calls on the EVO (big deal, I know), but listen to 3 TED talks on the Zune player in the car (it's really good for that)
  4. While in the dentist's chair, streamed a Netflix movie about Michael Vick as my "in-flight entertainment system" on the EVO using the 4G connection (now, that was fun)
  5. That afternoon, I did two webcasts using the Microsoft High Def camera attached to my home computer
  6. Based on some input from a customer, I recorded a video using a FlipCam and a demonstration of some marketing concepts using a LiveScribe Smart pen (see demo here)
  7. Walked on the treadmill and watched an episode of Modern Marvels, recorded on the Windows Media Center DVR system
  8. While relaxing on the couch after dinner/bedtime for the kids, I watched 2 videos I had queued up using on the iPad
  9. Used Dropbox (just a FANTASTIC tool) to synchronize 4 different devices 
This, of course, doesn't even include all of the software, etc. that I used during the course of the day. And, I think I've even forgotten a few items.

Anyway...I just realized how I move from device to device to device and optimize my time to do what I want to be doing at that moment.
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