Friday, March 25, 2011

Tim Horton’s and a “Canadian Moment”

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It’s one thing to suspend my travel philosophy of “do something unique to that place, even if only for an hour” when visiting Caracas, Venezuela (security concerns).

It’s quite another on a visit to suburban Toronto (Mississauga).

With only 24 hours in Canada and a full day of activity in the Microsoft offices, the commitment was put to the test.

However, the “luck of the Canuck” would arrive that day to make a memorable moment.

After a lunchtime presentation and some afternoon meetings, I was scheduled to do a 7pm-11pm webcast for a virtual course.

This was to be Day 2 out of 3 and, in casual conversation during Day 1 (while I was at home), it was discovered that one of the students in the class actually was based out of the Mississauga (Ontario) office, where I would be the next night.

Clearly someone who “never stops marketing,” Karen (the aforementioned student) agreed to keep me company in the office and then made the suggestion:

“You know, Tim Horton’s is open 24 hours. We could go there after the class for a ‘double-double.’” (Apparently, that’s the signature drink.)

Now, the last thing I needed after being up for 22 hours straight (another story for another day) was coffee, but with time expiring in the 3rd period (normally, I’d say 4th quarter, but trying to be ‘hockey-centric’ here), it seemed like the best option.

I was reminded of a classic scene of Tim Horton’s from How I Met Your Mother (can’t seem to find the actual clip) and while I wasn’t kicked out of the country, we did have a good time.

Video below and here. Nothing earth shattering in this video. Just what you would expect from some giddy, late-night visitors to Tim’s Winking smile

Most importantly, I felt like I re-upped my status as “honorary Canadian” which I had earned in Malaysia (see here).

Good stuff, eh?

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