Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Stories We Tell Ourselves…

In marketing, we know that the best way to convince or persuade someone to act is to help them create their own narrative as to why they want/must buy something.

We do this in almost all parts of our lives.

Case in point..my recent (insane) travel schedule.

It’s tough on the NFO and tough on KKR. No doubt.

Now, I love travel. I love marketing. And I love getting paid to do both, BUT…part of the story that I tell myself is that I am ultimately going to be a BETTER father by taking these trips to distant lands, taking me away form my kids.


Well, it’s no secret that globalization is a powerful force.

It’s no doubt that it’s only starting and we have ways to go.

So, I reason, the more I can understand some of the different factors that affect globalization, some of the countries involved, and the issues they face…many or all of which will (I don’t think it can be argued) have an impact on the future lives of my children, the better I can prepare them for that world.

True? False?

It doesn’t really matter.

It’s the story I’ve convinced myself is true, so I can live with it.

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