Monday, August 23, 2010

The way we work isn’t working…

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If you have ever trained for a race, you know the value of interval training.

You know that you run a bit, take a rest, run some more, take a rest.

Even for longer distances, you vary.

So, when I listened to the podcast from HBR called “the way we work isn’t working,” (article link, since I couldn’t find the podcast one), I found myself nodding my head.

Basically, the author says that you should work for 90 minute intervals, aligned to the natural rhythms of your body, and then do something to renew your energy.

I have tried this for 2 days so far and I like it. I set up a timer on my computer and it counts down. During that time, I am mega-focused.

When it goes off, I take a break; go for a walk, make a phone call, do some exercise, whatever.

In the quality vs. quantity trade-off, I can definitely see an improvement here.

Worth checking out.

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