Sunday, November 23, 2008

Last Word, well maybe, on Jdub, Obama, and Race Relations

I'm coming back to the one of the most-commented on posts in FOJ blog history.

I probably shouldn't write this post, but hey, the motto of the blog is "create a little controversy," right?

Also, I'm throwing in the fact that I've received more than a number of comments (online and offline) from people who "can't stand jDub."

They were particularly incensed with his comment about Obama being the "affirmative action President."

So, while I will probably end up creating more discontent, I hope that I can at least begin to explain (after conversations with people on both sides of the issue) what the other is thinking in, hopefully, a neutral voice.

The 'affirmative action President,' was offensive to many because it implies that there was NOTHING in PE Obama's record to suggest that he is qualified for the job.

It implies that ALL of his achievements (Harvard Law Review, Columbia, US Senate) are cast in doubt...and that he's done nothing on his own, when it is quite possibly the case that he actually worked harder and achieved more because of the fact that he knew he might be perceived as a beneficiary of affirmative action.

There, I hope I did that justice.

Of course, that would also imply that there were accomplishment of George W. Bush that he had which occurred independent of the fact of the family into which he was born, but that's another topic. Maybe.

On Jdub's side of the issue (and I am putting words into his mouth here), it might be worth to read this blog post by Mark Cuban, the owner of the Dallas Mavericks.

I *think* Jdub and Scott's point was that they believe there are people who were willing to overlook elements of Obama's record, policies, and leanings simply because they think it would be beneficial for America to have a Black president.

In their view, (again, I am conjecturing), this is equally bad because it is racist. It is making a decision based solely (or primarily) on race.

I hope I did that justice.

A few weeks ago, listening to the conversation at my sister's wedding weekend, I overheard someone say about the election, "Race wasn't an obstacle, but it was a factor."

While many would have said before the election,

"there will be white people who won't vote for Obama because he's black" (which would be bad), what wasn't said was "there will be white people who will vote for Obama because he's Black."

I guess the question is: Is that equally bad?

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