Monday, November 24, 2008

How good (or not) is my presentation style?

I need your help.

After watching Jerry Seinfeld's documentary, Comedian, I have become *mildly* obsessive about perfecting my presentation style.  Shocking, I know.

You know, what works? What doesn't?

So, I'd love to get your opinion about how I can continue to raise my game as a presenter. (BTW, this event was a 'power point free zone')

Go ahead, lay into me. I can take it.

I was honored to have Jeff Pulver select me to present at the Social Media Jungle event in Melville, NY on Nov. 13th, 2008.

My topic was: "The Case for Community Driven Marketing" (CDM)

The video is about 25 mins long (including Q&A at the end)

a big shout-out to Sanford for shooting the video

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