Thursday, November 06, 2008

Away From Her...and Why Netflix Rocks...

Away from Her

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I don't even look at my Netflix queue anymore. I don't rearrange it. I add stuff and whatever shows up, shows up.

So, when I received Away from Her, I was puzzled.

I didn't remember adding it (ironic, given the subject of the movie) and had NO idea who recommended it to me (I wish Netflix would add that feature so I could say thanks).

But, man, is it a great (and very sad) movie.

The premise is the wife in a couple that has been married for 45 years gets Alzheimers and the story is about how the husband (for the most part) has to deal with the pain associated with it.

It really makes you think. Makes you appreciate what you have now.

It's intense and emotional.

In a pre-Netflix era, there's no way I would have:

  1. been able to find this movie
  2. picked it even if I had found it

But now, I just add it to the list...and then it shows up.

And I feel enriched because of it.


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