Monday, March 10, 2014

The Most Special Birthday Ever


I suppose what fathers want to know is that the lessons you are trying to instill in your kids have been received.

Today is my birthday (not looking for calls/congrats or anything), but as part of that, my kids really went all out in making the celebration special.

They got me gifts and made cards.

But what made this the most special birthday ever is that they not only wrote “Happy Birthday” on the cards, they covered the cards with things that they associate with me.

  1. A guy running—because exercise is important
  2. A computer and the word “Sprinklr” because a work ethic is important. In fact they wrote “Dedicated to Sprinklr”
  3. “Go Big or Go Home”
  4. “Leave it all on the field”
  5. “Take chances, make mistakes, get messy” (a hat tip to Miss Frizzle of Magic School Bus there)
  6. an American flag- for our patriotic pride
  7. an Israeli flag-because of our love for the Jewish people and homeland
  8. and, of course, the flag of Finland (reversed, but who cares) with their Finnish nicknames written on the flag. And which shows their sense of humor
  9. A football, basketball, baseball and soccer ball-probably because Paco likes that
  10. A dreidel with “Go Sprinklr” written on it…not sure of the connection
  11. and on the back, a math equation that said “41 is 1/2 of 82. I hope that doesn’t make you feel bad.”

and all done with beautiful artistry because, as I read on Facebook the other day, the Earth without art would just be “eh”

It was really emotional for me. I felt like some of my lessons were sinking in. That made me proud…and made this the best birthday ever.

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