Thursday, December 27, 2012

Connections Drive Creativity: LA Edition

LA FOJ meetupOne of my absolute favorite things to do is connect friends of mine-who don’t know each other-with one another.

When I travel somewhere, I do my best to coordinate a central meet-up for folks in that city.

In LA, we had a great turnout and I felt so blessed to connect:

  • William Francke (and his wife Kim) whom I know from my Snickelways era with
  • Shira Shimoni from my Upper West Side days with
  • Amy Detrick, my world-class designer for the past 3 years (and whom I had never met in person before that night) with
  • Angie Aldape, a co-worker at Sprinklr with
  • Josh David, my cousin, to
  • Mike Bonifer, another person I had never met before that night in person.

What makes a gathering like this work, in my opinion, is that you give people a chance to get out of their normal circles and get exposed to others with new ideas.

For example:

  • William works at a company called Vigilent, which has a hi-tech way to reduce cooling costs in data centers.
  • Shira works at an e-commerce company called Magento which was acquired by eBay
  • Amy is a freelance designer
  • Angie is on the front lines of the social business revolution at Sprinklr.
  • Josh is a writer for E!
  • Mike is an improv teacher for businesses.
Doing so builds connections which drives creativity. This, in my opinion, is the secret to innovation.

And on top of it all, I walk away feeling all the more inspired and connected.

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