Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Purple Day…

The other day, Lakkanen and Tikkanen were arguing about a skirt. Apparently, it was too short for Tikkanen, but she didn’t want to give it up.
It was annoying.
There was a perfectly good skirt for Lakkanen that she didn’t want to wear. It was purple.
“Nadia,” I said, “isn’t today Purple Day at school?”
She looked at me.
“I think it is Purple Day.”
I felt a bit bad about the deception and I had to cover my tracks when I got to school and she ran up to her teacher, showing her the purple dress.
Still, we got everyone dressed, to school, and avoided a big fight.
Sometimes the white lies, I mean purple lies, are ok, aren’t they?
Note: Please do not use this as an indictment of my integrity. If you do, well then, you either don’t have kids or are a jerk. Or both.
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