Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Serendipity…in Full Color

Along the road south during our vacation, the NFO and I were teaching the kids new vocabularyRainbow over Richmond, Winter 2011 Family Trip (1) words.

I don’t know why, but I some point, I introduced them to the word “serendipity.”

Later on in the trip, we had planned to go to Colonial Williamsburg, but the weather conspired against us.

As much of the activities there are outside, the predicted torrential rains convinced us that we should do something else.

Our kids are big fans of the Presidents, so we went to Ash Lawn-Highland, home of our 5th President, James Monroe. It was a solid tour (though the guide spoke at a pretty high level…didn’t really do a great job of customizing for his audience).Rainbow over Richmond, Winter 2011 Family Trip (2)

The way back to the Williamsburg area was brutal…you could barely see. So much so, that we just stopped at a mall to wait it out.

As we left the mall, however, we were greeted by a most beautiful site…a GIGANTIC rainbow.

As we drove further, we actually saw the other end of the rainbow and then, the whole thing…in all its glory.

There is a special prayer when you see a natural wonder like that…and we said it.Rainbow over Richmond, Winter 2011 Family Trip (3)

Then, I said to the kids, “this would be a moment of serendipity.”

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