Monday, January 09, 2012

How I Plan to Never Stop Marketing This Year…A New Job

When I started Never Stop Marketing about 3.5 years ago my intention was to create a beautiful link between the type of marketer I wanted to be and the types of clients who would benefit from how I view the world.

With this blog, the eBooks (CDM, Dandelion Marketing, 10 Ways to Grow Your Fans ), my goal was to provide you, my faithful friends and readers (aka Community of Raving Fans!), with a front row seat as I've pursued this dream with you.

The consulting portion of NSM has been very very good to me. I'm thriving professionally, I'm making many new friends, I'm traveling the world, and I'm even putting plenty of food on my table.

Of the many new friends I've made, one of the more interesting (and persistent) is Ragy Thomas (via Sean O’Rourke).

Ragy is a successful entrepreneur and the second most insightful person I know when it comes to how society is being fundamentally altered as a result of the arrival of all of these social tools Winking smile.

His newest company, Sprinklr, is focused on helping large enterprises build meaningful, authentic, and REAL relationships with a community of customers and do it in a way that is manageable and scalable.

If this sounds familiar and similar to NSM, that's because it is.

When I talked to Ragy 3 months ago, he came straight out and said:

“I’ve seen your stuff and we need you to join us. We’ve raised some money, we’ve got some Fortune 500 clients and I want you on our team.”

My answer…”what are you talking about? I love what I am doing now. Not interested.”

He persisted…and, over time, I realized that this company represented a chance to take my skills and mission of changing marketing to a new level, so I accepted their offer to become the VP of Marketing, effective January 15th.

Yep, I know. I’m still coming to terms with it myself!

I’m excited. Scared, too. But definitely excited.

Ok, here we go.

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