Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Choo Choo Trains and Other Fleeting Moments…

The NFO was away for weekend a few days ago so I was a bit more present in parenting than usual.

I like to think I am generally pretty good, but you know…

Anyway, while on the job (or at least on point), I really took notice of some of the beautiful things that my kids do, particularly in playing with each other.

I know those moments will soon be gone so, as we are encroaching upon Thanksgiving, I figured I’d document them

  • how all three of them can play in the bathtub for as long as we let them
  • how they build forts out of mattresses and pillows
  • how they line up in towels after they get out of the bath and make a Choo Choo train, dropping off each kid in their room to change into pajamas
  • how they can play tea party all together with American Girl dolls…yes, even Paco
  • how they aren’t embarrassed being naked around each other
  • how they love it when I chase them up the stairs
  • how we all get together and read the Berenstain Bears books (or any one of a number of others) and we’re all snugging together, listening intently while we do it
  • how beautifully they sing with each other
  • how they help each other out (most of the time)
  • Yep, I’m tearing up a bit now
  • how they love asking questions
  • how they are so imaginative with the Playmobil sets
  • how they are so thrilled to learn new games like chess and backgammon
  • how excited they get about dessert
  • how much fun I have when they are so excited about things like football cards, Disney princess underwear, and having a butterfly or Dora band-aid
  • and how I never thought I could love or care so much about someone else’s future

This parenting thing is a crazy ride indeed.

I guess that one of the reasons I blog is because, just in case they want to, at least I know they’ll have the chance to go back and find out who I was when they first started to know me.

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