Tuesday, December 06, 2016

After Sprinklr, headed to blockchain world

Executive Summary
After nearly five years of hard work, I have moved on from Sprinklr to begin the next phase of my career in the world of blockchains, decentralized systems, and crypto-tokens/currencies.

I am beyond confident in the Sprinklr's future and LOVE the people who work there. The decision has more to do with the recognition that my mission there was complete and with a passion to get back to the far edges of technological disruption.

The next Wave that I see that will dramatically impact our lives in ways we can't even imagine are blockchains and decentralized systems.

In other words, IF you hear the word "blockchain" or "Bitcoin," just have them call Jeremy. :-)

If you want to get up to speed on this technology in a big way, here's a new eBook I just published, called "Blockchains in the Mainstream."

It's still early, but I got the same feeling in my gut when I discovered blockchains as I had when I discovered email in 1991, the Internet in 1992, and social media in 2000. I began by investing in Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies (how I do it) and pulled back the layers of the onion to find the real potential.

So, it's time to go all in on this.

To that end, I've re-opened Never Stop Marketing (check out new website) with a laser focus on this nascent area.

Initially, I intend to help the companies in this arena gain market traction faster and more effectively.

Full Story
Five years ago, I received a call from a guy named Ragy Thomas.

He barely introduced himself or said hi. :-) He simply said, “I read your blog. You need to come work for me. I’m going to build a world-changing enterprise software company.”

It took me a few months to get my head around what he was saying, but after understanding the challenge and the opportunity (and visiting the small office with the really loud air conditioning unit on 30th St. in December, 2011), I said “I’m in.”

I became Sprinklr’s 30th employee.

The marketing challenge handed to me (roughly paraphrasing Ragy):
“We have the best product in the world, but no one knows that because no one knows who we are. Fix that.”

Not that we need external evidence of Ragy’s insights, but the week before I began, the first (and best) report on the Social Media Management System industry was published by Jeremiah Owyang.

It said, “Despite its growth, Sprinklr lacks market awareness due to limited marketing and
thought leadership efforts.”

“Well, it will be hard to screw that up,” I thought. ;-)

So, I jumped in...full throttle.

As you know, I certainly didn’t do it by myself. All Sprinkllr has accomplished would have been impossible without the amazing teammates, product, and clients with whom I was blessed to work.

Sprinklr is still just at the beginning. There’s a lot more that needs to get done and will happen.

For me, however, I have reached the conclusion that my specific mission within Sprinklr is complete. My mission was to help Sprinklr get into the mainstream and become a household name among the social media practitioners at large companies. We've done that...and more.

A few weeks ago, I called Ragy to share my perspective on the past 5 years.  

He was extremely gracious, saying, “I feel like I have delivered to you what I said I would. And I feel like you have done what I asked.”

He was right...mostly.

In fact, he over-delivered on what he said he would.  The challenge, the growth, the experience, the friendships. Life-changing stuff.

What I don’t want is for my departure from Sprinklr to be construed as anything about the company, the marketing department, the future prospects, the leadership, strategy, employees, or anything.

The signs for Sprinklr's continued success are stronger than ever.

In fact, I’ve exercised all of the options I’ve earned.  So, I have literally put my money where my mouth is.

I am beyond grateful for the opportunity I have had, the people I've met, the skills I've gained and, most of all, for the chance to contribute to something larger than myself.

You just have to know yourself. It was just time.
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