Tuesday, November 01, 2016

Will Election 2016 Mean the End of the Primary System?

I've never really liked the primary system we have relatively recently adopted in the US.  I think it doesn't end up with the best candidates (this year being no exception).

Given what we've seen transpire, it makes me wonder if it is time to abolish it?

For example....

I have a great deal of respect for the principled position of pro-life/anti-abortion voters.  I don't agree with them, but I admire their principled position.

However, I've never really understood why they tend to prefer to vote for people like Rick Santorum who have exactly ZERO chance of winning a general election.

In my mind, the calculus for them would be that it is far better to have 50% of what you want in a Republican president than 0% of what you want in a Democratic president.

Yet, they persisted in voting for the social conservatives.

This year, however, we've seen the test of the model...would they support a Republican candidate who is basically pro-choice (or whatever he stands for-who knows) over a Democrat?

The answer seems to be yes.

So...why not do away with the whole thing and have the party elite just draft the best player available?

The primary system we currently have essentially is like having the most rabid fans of a football team select the draft pick instead of the General Manager and Coach. Too much emotion...not enough calculus.

Alternatively, they could just do what the Dems do and just "rig" the whole process for their preferred candidate, right? ;-)

Either way....I wonder if we should just go back to the "smoke-filled" rooms?

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