Friday, November 18, 2016

Tony Romo: A Class Act

Growing up a fan of the Washington football team, Dallas was the enemy.

So, it almost pains me as much to say this as the pain that Tony Romo expressed in his press conference the other day. Just kidding.

The guy is a class act.

What he said and HOW he said it has demonstrated total class and grace...something America has been lacking for the last few months (as we all know).

So, it's befitting that a QB on "America's Team" (ugh, also difficult to say) should show the young kids of today how to be a professional. How to want something so bad on an individual level, but also respect your role on the team, in society, and as a human.

I'm not ready to say "better than Gehrig's," but this is one of the great sports speeches I've seen. (no surprise) won't let me embed, so click through.

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