Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Update on Gary Johnson Endorsement

 Ok, ok…proving that confirmation bias can be defeated, I am going to (partially) recant my endorsement of Johnson.

Bottom line:  If you are in a battleground/swing state, please vote for Hillary Clinton.

If you are not in a battleground/swing state, then you can (and should) vote for Johnson.

Last night was a trainwreck for Trump. It’s clear that he’s too dangerous and we may as well swallow the bitter Hillary pill.

My friends who have been all over me for this switch on my Vote for Gary post. Congratulations, you were right.

However, I hope you will understand that most people (at least those with whom I talk) don’t (and probably will never) see Hillary the way you do.

Yes, she is experienced, but she is the epitome of the career politician who has become so much a part of the system that she willfully corrupts and ignores it for her family’s own benefit.  They see her as corrupt and representative of everything that is wrong with politics (and they are right).

As my friend Gloria said today, “we need term limits.” And I think she’s right. It’s at the core of the career politician/absolute power corrupts list (granted, doesn't apply to Clinton, but you can see the connection, I am sure.)

Hillary is going to win because most people realize that she is a smaller risk, but that’s not a compliment.

The reason I think people should vote for Johnson in non-battleground states is because people need hope.

You used to not be able to talk about politics with anyone. Now you can talk about it with anyone. “Well, we can all agree that we hate them both.’

Johnson may or may not be the right person for Presidency. Some of his policies are questionable, but that’s not the point.

What we need is someone who hasn’t totally abused the system, has proven s/he can lead across partisan differences, is actually committed to serving, not just to himself (Trump) or her family’s enrichment (Clinton).

It's kind of why I want him in the debates. He's like someone who makes the Olympics but the announcers say "we're looking at him/her to dominate in 4 years, but today she's just happy to be here."

If enough people in those non-battleground states make that choice, many people will feel like they can endure 4 years of cronyism, scandal, and corruption.

Johnson represents the fact that many people don’t feel connected to either party because they have swung so far away from their core base.

In my opinion, Hillary should and will win, but the change that many of us want from the Government (which Trump and Sanders voice) can’t be delivered by the ultimate insider.

So, in summary: if you live in a battleground/swing state, you should vote for Hillary.

If you live anywhere else and you feel the anger that a lot of people seem to feel about these two candidates, vote for Johnson.

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