Friday, September 16, 2016

Gradual and Seismic Shifts

Japan is an earthquake zone. Every now and then, you feel a tremor. Sometimes, obviously, they are huge.

Most of the time though (just in total minutes, for example), you don't feel anything. Yet, the earth is always moving.

It seems that our lives are like that. While we don't control the earth (and there are certainly elements to our lives that we don't control), there are areas we can, if we choose, control.

When you are pursuing a goal (diet, exercise, career, whatever), you are consciously pushing yourself to get better, do more, do different, etc.

Many days, most days, in fact, it's a tough slog. It feels never-ending.

Then, one day, when you don't necessarily expect it or plan for it, you have a personal earthquake moment.

The "ground" on which you stand as an individual is completely different from what it was before and you realize you will never be the person you were. Now you are the person you wanted to become.

It's a great feeling.
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