Thursday, March 21, 2013

Ordinary Dad Day

I came home from a long road trip thinking “I need to recalibrate and focus on the kids.”

So, when they got home from school, I made a point to go outside and just toss the football with Paco, to listen to Tonka as she relayed in extreme detail how she fulfilled her duty as class representative, helped them with some math challenges on the iPad, and read Amelia Bedelia with Nadia (who is making fantastic strides).

After showers, Paco and I played an improvised basketball game which had me rolling on the floor laughing, my stomach and cheeks were hurting.

I stared in wonderment as Nadia sounded at the words and I took a “mental snapshot,” thinking that this was the time I should be cherishing.

And I did.

Later that night, I watched this emotional video that my own mom sent me and it all felt right.

It’s not easy-daily-to do this, which is why these reminders are so poignant.

I blog about them because it helps make me remember to focus and cherish.


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