Sunday, March 10, 2013

40 Years Old: Getting ready for the 2nd half...

Not looking to grab any birthday wishes, but today I turn 40 years old.  
I am not dreading it or anything. In fact, I'm embracing it.  My theme for the past 2-3 months has been "Getting Ready for the 2nd Half."
Now, no one knows the time of his birth or death, so this may be wishful thinking, but it's more slogan than fact.

The pending birthday provided a catalyst for focusing on 
  • health (staying the course on exercise, after all, prepping for Tough Mudder II)
  • wellness (Lasik-video here + dental surgery)
  • career (what exactly do I want to be when I grow up?)
  • friends (am I being a good friend?)
  • and, most importantly, family (am I the kind of husband/father I want to be?)
It's not like I went to a sweat lodge or anything (though I think that would be fun--unless I died of dehydration, which would not be), but I have been contemplating these questions a lot more.

Frankly, I've enjoyed it.

Jewish tradition says that at 40 years of age, people achieve wisdom. I'm not sure I'm there yet (late bloomer?), but I know that often times, the 2nd half can be even more exciting than the first.

Thank you for being part of the game of life with me.

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