Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Turning Old Gadgets to Cash

Note: This a Public Service Announcement with a cash incentive for both of us.

Many of you probably obtained new gadgets (phones, iPads, Kindles, etc.) over the past few weeks and months.

And now, you probably have your previous device sitting somewhere, unloved, on a table or in a desk and doing nothing for you.

Well, thanks to a friend of mine, I discovered a site called TechPayout.com (use promo code “NeverStop” for a $5 bonus if you visit) where you can sell your old devices quickly and easily and have the money sent as a check or PayPal.

I’ve sold plenty of stuff on eBay and while I was a bit reluctant to try out this site, I did anyway and I was blown away by how simple, fast, and easy it was.

  1. You search for the device you want to sell, fill out a few questions, and get an estimate.
  2. If you want to sell, you print out a pre-paid shipping label.
  3. You send the device and a few days later, voila, money in your account.

Whole thing probably took less than 5 minutes.

I sold my 2 year old EVO 4G for $41 (which was about $35 more than I thought I could ever get) and even if it is a few dollars less than you could get elsewhere, the simplicity of it all makes it worthwhile.

And I figure that cash is better than having old devices lying around your house unused..

So, if you do visit TechPayout.com (please use promo code “NeverStop” for your $5 bonus. Disclosure: I am an affiliate now, so will make some money on this as well).

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