Friday, February 10, 2012

Earning the Super Bowl..a lesson in work and reward

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After the NFC and AFC Championship games, Paco asked me if he could watch the Super Bowl.

I told him that he had to earn it.

So, we set up a checklist of things he had to do, including

  • reading (we were trying to get him self-motivated)
  • Math enrichment
  • practicing Guitar
  • and fantastic behavior (we’d had a few reports from school that were not super glamorous)

Like his father, he’s motivated by these types of achievement goals.

We also set up point levels…so he could earn anywhere from the 1st quarter all the way up to the whole game.

To the boy’s credit, he executed relentlessly and got 59 out of a possible 60 points…so he got to watch the whole game.

The hope is that he would (through this approach) learn to love reading, guitar, math in their own right, so we’ll see if that works.

Of course, he said to me the day after the game “I need another checklist to earn something,” so not sure.

Still…I am super proud of his ability to stay focused and execute the plan.


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