Thursday, September 08, 2011

Like selling ice to an eskimo...

One of the highest compliments I get is that I can 'sell ice to an eskimo."

Now, I happen to think it's a bit of an insult, since an eskimo presumably doesn't need ice and you'd be doing him/her a disservice, which is not the point of sales, but I digress.

Right up there, in the same rarified air, would be "selling a Rabbit a Kindle."

Well, not exactly, but let me explain.

My Rabbi is as educated a person as there is. The breadth of his knowledge is just astounding and when he delivers his sermons, he not only quotes from traditional sources, but also from almost any secular source you can imagine.

He is a bibliophile and often brings up 8-10 books from which to quote directly. It's impressive. And he's a purist.

Somehow, the other day, we ended up talking about the Kindle, and, in his words, he was "dismissive" of it.

I didn't sell him on it...I couldn't care less if he owns one or not, but I proceeded to share how I thought the Kindle would benefit him, painting a picture of how he could do more, faster, of what he likes doing.

Then, I thought nothing of it....until 3 weeks later, when he came up to me and said,

"Someone got me a Kindle-they asked me what I wanted and, on your suggestion-I told them that...."

Now, I was nervous, thinking he was about to tell me how the Kindle was not only the downfall of Western Civilization but the end of Jewish history as well...

"...and I LOVE it!"

I think that's my greatest sale ever ;-)
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