Wednesday, January 06, 2010

London in the Snow…

 London 2009 002With no direct flights to Malta, we had a choice of which European city to go through. For a number of reasons, I chose London.

It had been 18 years since I was there last and I felt due.

We had just about 24 hours to do a whirlwind tour and we made the most of it.

Walked the city…even in a snowstorm and the highlight was visiting the War Cabinet Rooms where Churchill had led Britain’s defense/attack of Nazi Germany in underground shelters.

The exhibit was more than remarkable and the interactive display (video below) was just fantastic.

London certainly has special appeal  given the unique history and common language.

The evening was topped off with a meetup of some friends of Never Stop Marketing in a nice little restaurant.

All in all, a great quick visit to the City of London.

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