Thursday, October 30, 2008

Strategic Thrusts for Kids...

My Grandson, Tyler (aka Indiana Jones) / Trick...Image by bill barber (away today) via FlickrMy parents have very diffent parenting styles.

When I left for college and thereafter, my mom would want to know how many shirts I had dropped off at the dry cleaners.

My dad would ask, "is your life generally headed in the right direction?"

I've settled on a "strategic thrust" vision for my kids and am using that to shape my actions and reactions in dealing with them.

For Tonka, the thrust is "helping the inner beauty shine through." She's got a gift for art and caring, but she needs confidence in showing it to others.

For Paco, it's "channel the energy." He has a ton, but he needs focus and direction.

What this framework has done for me is help me think (quickly) before I say or do something with them.
  • will this action help achieve the goal?
  • is it aligned with the thrust I have selected?
Just a parenting observation that has been helpful for me.
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