Thursday, November 23, 2017

Gratitude Journal- Day 6- Ned Stutman

Today I am thankful for Ned Stutman and his legacy.

It is Thanksgiving Day and I just got back from the annual football game that is affectionately known as "the Ned Bowl."

Tragically, Ned died some years ago from cancer, but every year (and more often than that, at times), we are all reminded of his boundless energy, smile, great sense of humor, and passion for life during this game.

It was he who, in '86 or '87 (we don't remember exactly) took the initiative to get a football game going. We have played every year since.

He is missed, but his mark on the world is evident and appreciated specifically during this time of year.

I am grateful that there are people like Ned who have the energy to start something that adds value to the lives of others and give it enough momentum so that, even if the person is no longer with us, the tradition and meaning of the event persevere.

When I get the picture from this year's event (we had some first-timers as well), I'll post it.

Happy Thanksgiving.
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