Monday, October 16, 2017

Some of My Life Hacks Edition

I saw Warren Buffet on Charlie Rose a few weeks ago where he said something like:

"I'm rich. I can buy anything I want. But you know what I can't buy?  I can't buy time. I have the same amount as everyone else."

Though some would argue that you can "buy time" by getting a Roomba (just got one), it got me thinking about some of the "life hacks" that I employ so I can use the time I have the way I want.

  • get up btw 4-5am each morning to have focus time (per WSJ)
  • schedule conference calls back to back and then take them while walking through the park (work+exercise)
  • on video calls, I do curls (keeps my hands off the keyboard so I stay focused on the conversation and builds muscle)
  • listen to audible books at 1.7 speed and watch youtube at 1.5x speed
  • take cold showers (it has the affect of getting me out of the shower faster), but I do it because of what I learned in The Secrets of People Who Never Get Sick: What They Know, Why It Works, and How It Can Work for You
  • my admin, Mary...huge.  She does all kinds of things for me. Most recently, she dealt with the local water company and power company to resolve some issues. Saved me a lot of time from waiting on hold.
  • batch processing...put similar tasks together which is why Watch Later on YouTube and Pocket are so valuable
  • keep my head shaved. No prep time. No shampoo time.
  • Right I can write emails now and schedule them to be sent later, i.e. when someone says "hey, remind me of this next week."  I just write the email at that moment and schedule it to be sent in a week.

There are some of mine. What about yours?
What are yours?

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