Tuesday, February 07, 2017

Why We Love Sports

It's not for the raw physical prowess. It's for what it shows us about how we can be...if we choose to be.

The lesson of Sunday's incredible Super Bowl and Monday's Cavs-Wizards game (Paco, Nadia, and I were all watching live) was the same.

How you choose to respond to adversity is the key.

Obviously, Brady and the Pats could have walked into the locker room at halftime and said "ok, I guess it's not meant to be."  Many, many, many other people would have done the same. We see it all the time. They throw in the towel. But not those guys.

Then, Monday night...here's the thing.  LeBron hits an incredible 3 pointer, off the glass, while falling out of bounds to tie the game.

But the really remarkable thing is that on the previous play, he had missed a WIDE OPEN LAY-UP.  It went from about the easiest shot of his life to one of his most difficult ever.

Here's what I told the kids about it.

After blowing that shot, there are many people who would have pitied themselves, gotten upset, cried, and had their confidence totally shaken.

Not LBJ.

The fact that he shook it off and then came back to make that shot, that's the lesson.

It's why Brady and LBJ are 2 of the all-time greats. They have physical skills (some don't love what Brady has!), but they are mental toughness titans.
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