Sunday, February 21, 2016

Looking for a Good Book (or 3)?

Plowed through 3 books recently. All enjoyable and for different reasons. Thought I'd share if you are looking for a good read.

E-A Novel
What makes this so clever is that the entire book is written as a series of emails. Every single thing is an email. The novel unfolds as you see the intra-office politics played out via emails that are bcc'd, cc'd, and forwarded. If you work in an email intensive office, you'll love this.

The Circle
Obviously our lives have been changed dramatically by social media (heck, it's why I have a job, right?)  This book is a look at what happens if we continue along one path of continued sharing.  It's pretty intense and reminds us of the need to strike a balance between sharing and privacy in a stark, powerful way.

How the Mighty Fall
A bit more traditional business book, but a great study by one of the authors of Good to Great and Built to Last.  In this book, he examines the 5 stages through which great companies go as they descend into irrelevance. Some lessons for all of us so we can identify the warning signs..and some advice on how to avoid it.

Think: Kodak, Polaroid, Compaq, and others.
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