Sunday, April 08, 2012

How to keep your kids believing in Santa…

IMG_6260 Xmas Santa Dec 24 2011

Met a fascinating guy on the train a while back. We got to chatting. Nice fella. Canadian. Well, that’s redundant, but anyway.

So, at some point, we start talking about our kids. His daughter is 8 and this year, she finally caught on that it was he, George, who was the one dressing up as Santa every year.

Now, George, bless his heart…wanted to keep his daughter’s innocence alive for just a bit longer so after everyone in the family gathered around Santa for the annual family picture, George sent the picture to a friend.

That friend then Photoshopped George (that would be him standing behind Santa with the goatee) into the picture.

George then showed the picture to his daughter saying, “see, I’m not Santa, I was right there behind all of you.”

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