Thursday, March 08, 2012

The evolving ROI/benefit of domestic solar


If you are interested in saving the planet as well, here's the link to get an estimate for your own solar panels.
(full disclosure...if you do sign up via this link, we both get some $).


So, we’re up to a total of about 300 kWh over the 5 weeks of solar power.

Considering it’s been wintertime, a few really cloudy days and 1-2 days of snow, I’m excited.

It’s fun to watch and, truth be told, it just feels good.

When the sun is shining, I just think “excellent, generating some power.”

So, on the economic side, the first month, we came in below the guarantee production. I still paid my flat fee of $68 and asked about this.

The answer…which works for me, is that there is a “true up” period at the end of the year to account for the fluctuations.

They get the float on a bit of money. I’m ok with that, if it all works out over the long haul.

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