Wednesday, February 10, 2010

How Mundane Updates Can (sometimes) Build Relationships

imageThough heard less frequently, one of the knocks against social media is that “I don’t want to know what you had for breakfast.”
No doubt, there is a lot of noise out there, but sometimes the ‘noise’ can be a valuable relationship enhancer.
Every few days, I will devote about 30 minutes just going through the Facebook status updates of my friends.
Now, I’ve filtered it (as below) so that I can think about groups in buckets that are important to me.
So, the other day I was just scanning the updates (to me, this is in lieu of looking at the headlines in a newspaper and the best way to get a “pulse” on what is going on…and trust me, when important things happen, your friends will tell you.)
Among the 300-400 updates I scanned, I saw that Jessica was driving to Jacksonville and Orlando.
I had left a VM for Jessica the week before and wouldn’t you know it? About 10 minutes after I was done with Facebook, she returned the call.
“Well, look who is in the car driving across Florida and has some time to return calls?” was how I answered the call.
She laughed, getting the joke.
Now, does this little piece of information mean that I am now best friends with Jessica? Of course not.
Was the greeting “remarkable?” (she said it was).
But, I would venture to guess that the mere act of knowing this about her and connecting with her on this level means that, in an infinitesimal way, she and I are a bit closer as friends.
What’s the ROI on that? I don’t know, but I know good friends are important in your personal life and in your business life so they are worth some investment of time and energy.
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