Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Devoted Parent Example...Non-Parents should avoid reading

On the way back from Chicago following Passover, Nadia got car sick. Unfortunate. Smelly. Messy.

A total of 3 times.

The first one was all over her. We stopped, cleaned her up, and proceeded.

The 2nd time she managed to get it into a plastic bag. Well done!

The 3rd time (poor girl), she knew it was coming and tried to stop it by putting her hand in front of her mouth.  Because she had spaces in between her fingers, this had the effect of creating a greater force on the projectiles which did get past her.

She was sitting right behind me.

Travelling at 80 mph on the Interstate, all I could do was stay focused on the road as the bits and pieces of vomit landed on the back of my head and neck.

Got a wipe, cleaned it off, and moved on.
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