Friday, April 12, 2013

Gratitude to my Son

About 4 months ago, Paco came to me and told me he was in the middle of book #3 of the Harry Potter series.

I had only read the first one...about 14 years ago, but he seemed pretty excited about it.

He also proclaimed quite clearly, "I think I am going to beat you."

"In what contest?" I asked.

"I am going to finish all of the books before you do."

I realized that he would--he has a bit more time than I do--but I also sensed an opportunity.  I saw that he was very excited about Harry and Voldemort and that it provided a chance for me to bond with him.

So, I devoured the final 6 books over the course of 3 months, savoring the chance to discuss them with him as I did, but realizing that I really enjoyed the books in their own right.

Without his prodding, I never would have read them, so I am just grateful for his encouragement.  Looks like I have a lot to learn from the kids.
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