Friday, April 30, 2010

You’ve learned well, son…

I was out of town the other day and the NFO (aka my wife) took the 3 kids out to dinner.

During the course of the conversation, they were discussing a topic and the NFO remarked,

“we’ll have to talk about that with your dad when he gets home.”

Paco said wit1hout missing a beat: “Why? You are the Supreme Commander”


As you know, I’m big on nicknames for the kids.

Calanit (Tonka or Tikkanen); Erez (aka Paco, Spencer, Maximus, Jokkanen); and Nitzahn (Gianni, Nadia, and Lakkanen).

My wife (aka NFO-nameless/faceless one) is known as “the Supreme Commander,” as in “don’t ask me, ask the Supreme Commander.”

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