Sunday, February 24, 2013

When mom goes out of town...

The NFO was out of town for a few days and I was 1 on 3.

Now, admittedly, the NFO (that's my wife) set us up for success by preparing a lot of food before she left, stocking the fridge and the pantry and a number of other things.

That, plus in the afternoon, we have a nanny who helps out, so it's not like I was doomed, but I still had some work to do to keep the kids moving along.

What astounded me (and please don't tell the NFO this) is that I found that I actually did less work at home than normal.

Why? For some reason (maybe the kids took pity on me), the kids really raised their game.

In the morning, they were cooperative and well-paced before going to school.

At night, the three of them gave each other baths, made sure that everyone had brushed and flossed, and Paco and Tonka even read books to Nadia.

Then, when they came to me and said, "is it ok if we play now?" (it was still early), there was no reason for me to say no.

I found myself relaxed and focused, but also grateful that we have such wonderful children.

I can't quite figure out why (I like to think it's the "credible threat" that I bring to the table), but I'll take it.
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