Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Soccer and the Meta-Game of Fatherhood

I took Paco to his indoor soccer game the other day.

We have one motto when it comes to soccer, basketball, or any other sport for that matter.

“Leave it all on the field.”

I’ve told him (and I mean it), “I don’t care how many goals you score. I care that you give it your all on every play.”

And while I do offer him suggestions on his play, I’m not sure he fully appreciates that the real game he is playing (and for which he is preparing) is the Game of Life.

As his coach, I know that persistence and perseverance are often the skills and traits that separate success from failure, regardless of talent or even training (well, those are important, of course, but you know what I mean.)

So, when I stand on the sidelines, I’m actually watching the meta-game as much as the actual game.

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