Thursday, February 14, 2013

The Value of a Great Technologist

People often ask me the “secret” to some of the things I do, particularly when it comes to information management.

I’ve blogged before on the technologies I use (see here), but today I want to talk about the value of having a great technologist at your disposal.

And, I’m not talking about a friend you can call…I am talking about someone you hire, even for your personal life, but definitely for your professional life.

You pay for a trainer at the gym, a doctor or a therapist, but having a great technologist at your disposal can help you save a ton of time and probably advance your career.image

Today, I want to talk about Ron Braatz from LiftOff.

I’ve known Ron from my Microsoft days, but recently he showed me the value of a great technologist by helping me migrate an Exchange server installation to Microsoft Online.

What that is…doesn’t matter. What it does is save me $450/year in fees, increase my speed and reliability, and make me even more productive.

I could have done it myself, but what Ron showed is that even in “self-serve” technology, you need a guiding hand, someone who can advise you and save you time.

It’s no surprise that he’s one of the top-ranked “cloud” providers of all Microsoft services.

If you have a business-of any size-and you want to understand how to use your technology better, give Ron a call.

Either way, find a great technologist and pay him/her to help you get better.

I don’t need to tell you that it’s a competitive advantage…so don’t skimp.


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