Sunday, August 08, 2010

Office vs Home: The Paradigm Shifts

While the industrial and post-industrial economy comes crashing down around us, our paradigm of “work” as a place you go and not a “thing you do” doesn’t crumble as easily.

My friend, Jacob, sent this article form the Wall St. Journal…that folks who work at home are often viewed as easy prey for their office-bound colleagues to help out with favors/chores, etc.

At the beginning of the Never Stop Marketing adventure, I felt this bias (not that anyone ever asked me to do something—since I would have no problem saying no. After all, according to WIRED magazine, I am one of the selfish elite).

I’d hear comments along the line of “that must be pretty easy, since you work at home.”

Mental models don’t always move as quickly as required (I’m as guilty as anyone).

Oh, and I felt a twinge of sadness while reading the article. Clearly, SilentFrog was the right idea at the wrong time.

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