Sunday, August 29, 2010

DC: View from Above


IMAG0029It wasn’t surprising when the Park Ranger at the entrance to the monument said, in response to the statement, “I bet you meet people from all over world,”:

“Well, I can tell you where I don’t meet people from. Right here. Washington, DC”

But it was a bit sad.

And, that is precisely why we continue to make it a priority to explore this incredible city.

I think I visited the top of the Washington Monument once, maybe 25 years ago, but doing so and taking in the vista made me appreciate just how fantastic the layout of it all is. Pierre L’Enfant, who designed it, really did some magnificent work.

IMAG0028The kids, who are very much into all things presidential at the moment, loved it as well.

Tickets are free and you can order them in advance. For a small free, they will send them to your house.

Totally worth it.

I’m pretty happy with these two pictures that I took on my phone.

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