Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Stories We Tell Ourselves..

My cousin and I were talking about how to overcome adversity and the topic of the Navy Seal training program (known as “B.U.D.S.”) came up.

You know what their motto is?

“Embrace the suck.”

I really liked that.

We all have tough times and we’re all in need of a belief structure to pull us through.

Instead of wallowing in our misery, you can have the confidence that you will persevere and get to the other side.

“Embrace the Suck.”

Then, I started to think about the other cliché sayings which, to some extent, govern my life.

  1. “Leave it all on the field.”
  2. “Go Big or Go Home.”
  3. Burn the boats”
  4. Never Stop Marketing

Each of these are mantras, of sorts, which I call on when needed.

I think they also help me tell a story about the kind of life I aspire to lead.

What are yours?

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