Sunday, August 14, 2011

Berenstain Bears and Whining…

The other day, the kids were a particularly whiny group. It was frustrating.

We happened to all be driving to Baltimore that day, so while the NFO did that, I sat in the back and the four of us (a lot done by them) created our own “mash-up/remix” of a story called “The Berenstain Bears and No More Whining.” (I’ve since learned that this already exists, but here’s the one the kids came up with).

BTW, I’m Papa Bear, Paco is Brother, Nadia is Honey bear, and Tonka is Sister Bear.

We’ve read this to each other a few times since and it’s still a hit!. Also, they are going to illustrate it as well Winking smileEnjoy.

Brother bear is playing with his skateboard.

Honey bear is playing with blocks.

Sister bear is at ballet with Lizzie and queenie.

Papa bear is reading on the iPad.

Sister bear and mama bear come home after ballet and Sister is upset about not getting the part she wanted in the ballet because Millie got it.

Mama bear explains to sister that she won't always get the parts she wants, but sister is still upset and starts whining about how she really doesnt like her part.

Sister bear is so angry that she  kicks brothers skateboard and he starts whining that sister always annoys him and he kicks honey bears blocks, so she starts whining and then honey bear kicks the skateboard also and whines that brother bear always bothers her and says 'what are you doing?'

Honey bear picks up the iPad and throws it on the floor, so papa, who is really tired because he stays up too late on his computer, starts whining  that none of the bear kids respect his iPad.

So now, everyone is whining at each other.

Mama bear says in a loud, but stern voice, full of conviction, 'the bear family must stop whining now!'

Mama bear says...if you whine, you lose a privilege and we will have a chart on the fridge of who whines the most.

At first. The bears had a hard time and lost a lot of privileges, but then it got easier and they all saw that the house was much quieter, more peaceful, and they got along much better.

Pretty soon, there was very little whining in the bear house.

Mama bear was proud and told everyone they were doing great.

Papa bear looked in the fridge...but mama, he whined, “there is no yogurt!”

"You lose a privilege!" said brother and sister.

They looked at the chart...papa had lost the most privileges.

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