Tuesday, February 02, 2010

It’s All About the Question….


My dad told me a few years ago that exposing your kids to new experiences is not about imparting knowledge.

It’s about teaching curiosity.

Your objective is to get them to ask “Why?”

We have a Statue of Liberty print by Peter Max in our home (not this one, but you get the gist) and one morning, out of nowhere, Paco began peppering me with questions?

  • “Why does she have a crown?”
  • “What is she holding in her hand?”
  • “Why is she on an island?”
  • “Why is she in New York?”
  • “Why are there stars behind her?”

It WAS tiring (I’d be lying if otherwise), but it was impressive and a moment of pride.

It also gave me the inspiration to keep on working at it.

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