Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Minor Course Corrections…

What prompted the Iceberg post yesterday was two interactions I had recently with two very wise men.
I had been struggling with one element of my empathy skills and one aspect of Judaism.
They were both causing me consternation.
It’s typical, for me at least, to think “oh wow, this is going to require some massive change,” the psychological equivalent of surgery.
However, in about 60 minutes of chatting, both of these men did the minor course correction that was needed.
And they both made the same observation, of which I am proud.
“It seems like when you feel like you need help, you find people whose opinions you respect, ask them some questions, listen to their answers, and then continue along the new and improved path. Nothing more than that.”
I realized they were right. That is what I do and it works.
If you need some help don’t think that a massive shift is needed, find someone who will guide you for 30 minutes. That may be all you need.
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